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Vic in Nocal with a take about Daily Fantasy Sports, Kaleb in Green Bay, and a Bed of Roses parody for Greg Hardy 10/07/15
Holmey in Newport Beach email about Rome being a tennis gigolo, challenges Rome to a match 10/06/15
Emailer Marshall in Newport Beach tries calling, does not go well 10/05/15
980 the Beast update anchor Matt Morrisson melts down 10/05/15
Bart Scott on Tom Brady, the NY Jets take toilet paper to London 01/02/15
Parody Larry tries to rap as P. Larr, still gets run 10/02/15
Slash in Brentwood with a take on Mark Richt, then said Papelbon should of gone Wolfgang Puck like Slash did on Ron and Nicole 09/30/15
Emailer asked Rome if he would rather listen to the Cardinals rap or Parody Larry. Larry gets on air, sings 1 parody verse of a McDonalds commercial, gets run 09/30/15
Twitter contest, Rome gives extra time, Kyle Brandt tells story about losing laptop at airport 09/29/15
Jeff in NoCal glosses himself Mole-doggy in East Bay, gets run, Rome resets the self gloss reel 09/29/15
Pauly in Indy with a story about child birth, followed by a Stevie Wonder inspired parody of She Blinded Me With Science 09/25/15
John in Little Rock with a Safety Dance parody, ran out of words so he beatboxed 09/23/15
Elderly man punched at Costco over Nutella dispute 09/23/15
JB in the 785 email resets Louis Slungpoo 09/23/15
John Tortorella gets pranked on USA Hockey conference call 09/23/15
Lance in Topeka returns to Fresh Coast Kliq, talks KU sports, tandem call with Rob in Cleveland (Callpocalypse), sings On Wisconsin parody about Kaleb in Green Bay 09/22/15
Jim in Buffalo compares drinking Keystone Light to an old song called Beans Taste Fine, Rome breaks down the song 09/22/15
Anton in Tampa responds to Leff in Laguna 09/18/15
Leff in Laguna smacks Tampa 09/18/15
Rome resets notable Tampa callers from the past 09/18/15
Vic in NoCal responds to Kaleb, explains where Doug Martin gets his nickname (Richard Gere reference) 09/17/15
Donald Trump with GOP debate smack 09/17/15
Kaleb in Green Bay discusses Seahawks at Packers, takes a run at Vic in NoCal 09/17/15
Parody Larry does an All in the Family theme song about the 49ers, Joes were the days 09/17/15
Manic Bloom releases a song about Alvin Delloro called Lil Alvie D King of the Jungle, clone reaction, Alvie in studio, interview with Hildee and David 09/15/15
Hildee from band Manic Bloom emails Rome about a new song, wars a lot of things 08/31/11
Mike in Indy on James Franklin, Texas football, gets out before delayed buzzer 09/11/15
Leff in Laguna crushes Brian Cushing 09/11/15
Jessica in El Paso email 09/11/15
Mark in Hollywood calls as Tommy in Foxborough, gets run 09/11/15
Kyle Brandt has a new Binaca addiction, clones try to guess the sound 09/10/15
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 16 - What Is Smack, The King 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 13 - Nice Radio, Clones, Michael's Dad 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 12 - Up All Night 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 10 - Cops, Bad Boys 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 08 - Spelling Bee, Bowling, Rubber 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 06 - Don King Did That, In Crowd 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 05 - Jungle Condom 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 04 - Karma, High Roller 09/29/98
Jim Rome - Welcome to the Jungle - 01 - Intro, Lust for Life 09/29/98
Rome revisits the Rob in Cleveland-Lance in Topeka tandem call; Clones gloss it Callpocalypse (includes e-mail from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Vinnie Mac in Des Moines) 09/03/15
Silk Brah calls to discuss a CloneStock in Green Bay for the Chargers game 09/03/15
Mark in Boston calls to discuss Tom Brady, also talks about a procedure he had done so he can wrestle with no pads 09/03/15
Rob in Cleveland (The Grump) and Lance in Topeka (The Scorpion) attempt a tandem call and get run for incest and gay blasts; Rome and the Clones declare it the worst moment in the history of the Jungle and human communications; Rob and Lance win Huge Call 09/02/15
Twitter contest 09/01/15
Pete in Buffalo calls with story about how Fred Jackson visited him in hospital after breaking neck, then another story about a dream of Rex Ryan offering him a menthol cigarette but only beotches smoke menthols 09/01/15
Jim mentioned he missed a day for a medical procedure (colonoscopy), clones suggest it was for plastic surgery 09/01/15
Mark in Hollywood has a take on Coach Sarkisian, Chris Carter, and Curt Schilling, goes after Mike in Indy and Vic, tells us why he's known as chocolate thunder 08/28/15
Leff in Laguna with a take on Little League moms, goes after Kaleb and Mike 08/21/15
Mike in Indy calls on NationalDogDay to inform the clones that he's still the big dog 08/26/15
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