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Rome concludes first-ever radio/TV simulcast with Twitter Contest 01/28/15
Interview with UFC president Dana White; says he will never allow weapons in MMA in response to Zach in San Jose, followed by Jim Rome and Kyle Brandt reading e-mail response from Joaquin in San Diego (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona simulcast on TV) 01/28/15
Ray in St. Paul wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona) 01/27/15
Chris in C-Port wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 01/23/15
Week That Was 01/23/15
Parody Friday - Parody Larry in San Francisco, Lance in Topeka, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; Lance wins Huge Call 01/23/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Packers vs Seahawks 01/16/15
Twitter contest 01/12/15
Rome appears in commercial for Beats By Dre; e-mailer suggests that he should bump Enya in his Beats By Dre to noise-cancel bad phone calls 01/12/15
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dominates Jukebox Friday, with submissions from Max_Coits, Jordan in Madison, johnquinn95, Lee in Vancouver, and paulytwall 01/09/15
Dave in Seminole FL calls with crying baby in the background and gets run for Pinkhead blast on Peyton Manning 01/09/15
Rome accuses J.B. in the 785 of being Lance in Topeka and calls Lance weird; Tommy from NC cracks on Lance via e-mail 01/09/15
Jesus in Chicago returns with an e-mail slamming Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 01/08/15
Eric in Falls Church returns, e-mails about Sammy Sosa and wars Rome buying the Rams for him. Rome welcomes WHBO-AM 1040 in Tampa to the Jungle 01/07/15
Jeremy in Sconny email - Glosses the Cowboys as the Fail-as Clownboys, Rome does a FailClowns reset 01/07/14
Lee in Vancouver with a Johnny Manziel Clearasil e-mail 01/06/15
Rome apologizes to band nation over Tweet 01/02/15
Lance in Topeka with a Christmas gift for Sarah T. in Providence; sings a Christmas parody about Mike in Indy and Chael Sonnen 12/25/14
2014 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/23/14
2014 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/23/14
2014 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/23/14
Mike in Indy with last minute effort to rip the gift card, gets run for Mangino corny bowel movement blast 12/22/14
Larry in San Francisco does a parody song of Beverly Hillbillies on Jed York and Lance in Topeka 12/22/14
Greg in Sun Valley responds to Sarah T, gets run for going on too long 12/22/14
Mark in Hollywood calls to try to win the BLEEPING gift card 12/22/14
Twitter Contest- @BlaiseInKC, @TOfromthe360, @Ian_Soper, @TommyFromNC, @NathanInOmaha 12/19/14
Sarah T. in Providence emails gift list for Lance in Topeka, Greg in Sun Valley, Johnny Football, and Mark in Hollywood 12/19/14
Vin Scully lost his ring at Costco, rant on Costco, email and Twitter reaction 12/19/14
Email from Vladimir about GED holders, email and callers respond 11/20/14
Dean in Toronto email in response to American sucker-punch 10/09/14
Price is Right contestant bids $7000 for a basic hammock 10/08/14
Slash in Brentwood advises Shelly Sterling to channel her inner Bobby Flay, Mike in SD reset for Giants 10/02/14
Chael Sonnen calls to respond to CM Punk interview 12/18/14
CM Punk Reaction and Joaquin email 12/18/14
CM Punk interview, he calls Rome Mike twice 12/18/14
Jim Rome's take on Jazz music 12/18/14
Rome declines to take a call from Lance in Topeka, but resets his previous calls and drowns them out with Killswitch 12/17/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) segues from a 49ers take to another OJ murder joke and gets run 12/10/14
Rome rips boodog4849 (49er Pride) for a bad Tweet 12/10/14
Joe in Harrisburg PA cracks on Redskins with Turdville blast, says their moral compass came from McDonald's Happy Meal 12/10/14
Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden reads his players' Tweets publicly during team meetings 12/10/14
Lance in Topeka Tweets about Jay Gruden reading his players' Tweets publicly 12/10/14
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronk) tapes the number 69 to his practice jersey as a joke 12/04/14
New call screener Wyatt gets trolled by a Lisa in Indy imposter, calls with a Larry Brown reset 12/04/14
Lance in Topeka appears on Fresh Coast Kliq w/ Jon the Bean Counter - shares thoughts on Jayhawks, Chiefs, and Royals; talks about feud w/ Ryan in Wichita and Hackoff 2013; does Platters parody about Leff in Laguna Beach that Jim Rome prematurely ran 12/01/14
Tweets on Johnny Football, Scott Stapp, and Vic in Nocal on Adam Silver 12/01/14
John in Little Rock calls with Scott Stapp parody 12/01/14
Email from Mark in Buffalo about Johnny Manziels complexion, wars Karen Carpenter eating Mama Cass's ham sandwich so both would be alive today 12/01/14
Matt Schaub was put on Earth to do 1 thing, throw pick sixes 12/01/14
Rome hopes TV Tweet-It segment is better than radio Twitter Contest 11/25/14

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