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Rome talks about Brett Favre, then Brett in Mississippi calls in 06/23/16
Jeff in So-Cal tries for a Golden Ticket, gets chased out by sharks 06/23/16
Cal in Vegas wins his 2nd straight Golden Ticket 06/23/16
Alvie cut off Romes take on Dwyane Wade with shark music 06/22/16
Callers John in Windsor and Corey in Missoula get chased out by sharks 06/22/16
Chad in LA finally gets over the hump, wins a Golden Ticket 06/22/16
Shey from The Bay falls short of the Golden Ticket 06/22/16
Jukebox Friday - Dan in Denver wins 06/17/16
John in San Antonio wins the Golden Ticket back! Emkcar backwards is rack me. 06/17/16
FBI Mike in Toledo calls but gets run for being boring 06/17/16
Coby in Austin wants only Americans in the Smackoff, Rome removes him from the watch list 06/17/16
Rome and Kyle discuss weed, then talk Smackoff 06/16/16
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston, also says Rex Ryan's next job will be a foot job 06/16/16
Irie Craig talks about the good old days hanging with clones, suggests the Smackoff callers should be nicer to each other 06/16/16
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff and describes 'Indy Man' 06/16/16
Shey from The Bay calls about UCSB baseball, takes a run at Cal in Vegas 06/16/16
Reversed Golden Ticket 06/14/16
Rome resets John in San Antonio being stripped of his Golden Ticket from previous show 06/15/16
John in Louisville resets Rob in Cleveland the Grump (aka The Dump) flaming out when he tried to rap about Parody Larry 06/15/16
John in Windsor has a horrible phone connection and gets run within seconds 06/15/16
Mike in Cleveland calls about the Cavs, compares Draymond Green and Marshawn Lynch to Bert and Ernie, gets run for saying they snapped more packages than Liberace 06/15/16
Steve Elkington interview to talk US Open at the Oakmonster 06/15/16
Slash in Brentwood talks about People vs. OJ, has a message for Chad and Avril, gets out before buzzer 06/15/16
Steve in PHX goes back to back with two e-mails; Rome declares him the show's top e-mailer 06/14/16
John in San Antonio with a bad Smackoff RSVP, gets run; Rome revokes his Golden Ticket 06/14/16
Ask The Pros - J.B. in the 785 asks if Rome would like to host a game show 06/13/16
Doug in Vancouver (aka Dougler) gets run for self-gloss 06/13/16
Smash Mouth smashes LeBron James on Twitter; Clones begin smashing LeBron with resets of 90s bands and songs 06/13/16
Will in Gulf Port tries for Golden Ticket, makes boring call, Rome tells him he'll never be good enough to be in the Smack-Off 06/13/16
Interview with UCSB Gauchos baseball Andrew Checketts - Rome's alma mater advances to its first-ever College World Series 06/13/16
Benny in Wisco tells another story with many cheese references 06/10/16
Matt in Vancouver with another America smack call, needs 1 more good call to get into Smackoff 06/10/16
Vic in NoCal gets the Cheesiest email read, wins contest, UUU's Subway sandwich artiste asking what you want after telling them 'everything' 05/25/10
Chad in LA responds to all of the haters 06/09/16
Willie in KC checks back in, Rome still undecided on reinstatement 06/09/16
John in Little Rock sings a song about Kaleb in Green Bay 06/09/16
Scott in Ontario has a bad call from the get-go 06/09/16
Tyler in Edmonton tries to smack Chadly bro, gets run for cancer smack 06/09/16
Kaleb in Green Bay gets called out by Rome, he responds during the same segment 06/09/16
Boatie in Pearland RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/16
Chad in LA smacks on Kaleb, does an impression of Kaleb's mom, sings Brian Adams parody, and it irritates Kyle Brandt 06/08/16
Zack in Bakersfield talks about the Warriors and Chael Sonnen, gets run for bad phone 06/08/16
2016 Smackoff Promo 06/08/16
Steve in Aliso Viejo tries to take a run at Brad, gets unracked by Rome 06/07/16
Rome runs down most of the 2016 Smackoff participant list 06/07/16
Chris in Sacramento tries to win a Golden Ticket with a rap, gets on the watch list 06/07/16
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Muhammad Ali 06/06/16
ATP - When people ask what you do, do you respond with 'first, Im a dad' - Sark in Century City 06/06/16
John in Windsor teases his next call, Rome said he doesn't make the show better 06/06/16
Cal in Vegas tries to take down the Hack Pack 06/03/16

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