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Week That Was 11/21/14
Oakland Raiders avoid winless season with victory over Kansas City Chiefs, with Clones' reaction on e-mail and Twitter 11/21/14
South-Side Mike in Chicago (@southsidemike81) wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 11/21/14
TV Land pulls the Cosby Show, sucks for Theo, Tweet from Steve in HTown @Stucknut 11/21/14
LeBron James focusing on staying positive despite costing Cavaliers a game against Spurs; Rome responds by bringing back The Garden 11/20/14
Kansas loses by 32 to Kentucky, with angry e-mail reaction from Bryce in Topeka and J.B. in the 785 11/19/14
The NFL might be coming back to LA, with calls from Orion in Merced, Cortez in Orange, and Smooth Joe in Hollywood 11/19/14
10th Anniversary of the Pacers-Pistons Brawl (aka the Malice at the Palace) 11/19/14
80-year-old Charles Manson engaged to a 26-year-old woman 11/18/14
Jason Avant gets cut by the Carolina Panthers; Rome is stunned by the news, Clones react on e-mail and Twitter 11/18/14
Chris in Oshkosh gets run using a four-letter bomb in his call; Rome pulls the plug on All-Wisconsin Radio 11/17/14
Hour 2 turns into Wisco Radio to celebrate Wisconsin sports achievements - calls, e-mails and Tweets from Wisconsin Clones; interview with Bo Ryan 11/17/14
Rome's take on Black Friday shoppers, with e-mail response from Martin in Irvine 11/12/14
E-Mail Contest - Matt in Poland Springs, Jeff in Chicago (North Side), TJ in East Lansing, KJ in the 916 11/12/14
Jay Gruden spewing BS about Redskins being a few plays away from being 7-2 (includes reset of Ray-Ray in Tampa flaming out) 11/12/14
Interview with Bill Self - Kansas opens against Rome's UCSB Gauchos on 11-14 11/12/14
Magic Johnson tweets that Kobe should be considered for MVP, along with 17 other players 11/06/14
Jukebox Friday - LeBron, Don Johnson, Mellow Yellow, Bengals, and Olive Garden guy 11/07/14
Sarah T in Providence starts fight with Greg in Sun Valley 11/07/14
Kaleb in Green Bay takes a run at Vic in NyQuil 11/07/14
Lance in Louisville on hold entire show, doesn't get on the air; Rome reviews his history 07/22/13
Lance in Louisville protests the demise of the Hackoff, gets run for suggesting a Karaoke Guy Invitational as its replacement 06/18/13
Gonzo in SA Show - Firing General Managers, NASCAR Violence and Using Science To Score With The Ladies 11/08/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 10 - Chip the Chowd 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 09 - Darrell in Georgia and Adam in Pacific Beach 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 08 - Nate in San Diego, audio gets cut off 04/14/95
Lance in Topeka gets run before he can start a Platters parody about Leff in Laguna Beach 11/05/14
Alan Martin has eaten at Olive Garden 95 times with his Pasta Pass 11/05/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 07 - Tom Tolbert 04/14/95
Dean in Toronto - Email ripping on Americans 10/09/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Stupid Weather Forecasts in Sports, Student Athletes Getting Shade on Twitter and How to Deal With Your Team's Losses. 11/1/14
Halloween Twitter contest, Dave Whelan's last day 10/31/14
Slash in Brentwood with another sweet story about murder 10/31/14
Jason Stewart wants Alvin fired, calls out Jesus in Chicago 10/31/14
Mark in Hollywood calls with a treat for KB, Toby in Houston spoof 10/31/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 06 - Andre the Hairdresser and JT the Brick 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 05 - Clones trying to fool Grover, William in San Diego, Sam in San Diego, Troll man in Hermosa Beach 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 04 - Eddie the Rope and Jason in Fullerton 04/14/95
Twitter Contest consists mostly of reaction to Bob in Richmond; Rich in Copyright Hills wins Huge Call 10/28/14
Bob in Richmond gets run for Kenny Rogers parody 10/28/14
Christian in Maine gets run; jump in audio due to f-bomb being censored out 10/28/14
Old-school caller Rich in Copyright Hills returns to the Jungle 10/28/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 03 - Mayor of Poway, Lance in La Costa, and Raider Mike 04/14/95
Rich in Rochester jokes about Sammy Watkins' premature touchdown celebration, wars Buffalo Bills playoff talk on local radio 10/27/14
If Oakland Raiders go 0-16, Rome will lead campaign to bring them to Los Angeles 10/27/14
Aaron Lewis from Staind butchers the National Anthem at Game 5 of the World Series, with Twitter reaction 10/27/14
John in Louisville compares Geno Smith to Dennis in Oklahoma City 10/27/14
Donnie in the 312 misses one of Rome's jokes and jumps him for it on e-mail; Rome chews him out 10/27/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 02 - Clones faxing in their odds, Ross in Pacific Beach, Steve from Loyola Marymount 04/14/95
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA Football Talk, Stuff You Didn't Know About Halloween and NBA Celebrity Fans 10/25/14

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