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Return of CJ in Oxnard 07/28/16
84-year-old Barbara in Desert Hot Springs reminsces on Mike Piazza and listens to a lot of sports radio, gets positive run from Clones, but Chad in LA wins Huge Call 07/28/16
Reaction to John in Little Rock, including Tweet from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Orion in Waterford 07/28/16
Alvin's compilation of John in Little Rock's parodies to cheer Rome up following the Non-Hunter's death; John calls with a new parody 07/28/16
Rome and the Clones mourn the passing of Dave Geeting (aka Dave in St. Louis the Non-Hunter) 07/28/16
Chad in LA calls and gets racked, Phil in Sonoma calls and gets run 07/28/16
In Memory of Dave In St. Louis, Non-hunter (produced by @FrankInThe209) 07/28/16
Twitter Contest; Royals pitcher Danny Duffy awarded Huge Call 07/26/16
On this day in 2005, Jerome in Nashville made the BOHICA call 07/25/16
Interview with Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy 07/26/16
Rome threatens to block Erbie in the 716 (@ErbieStyle) for Ron and Nicole Tweet 07/25/16
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 3 - More KB stories, calls from Slash in Brentwood, Anton in Tampa, and Vic again. KB ends the show with Larry Brown's crank reset 07/22/16
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 2 - Classic KB stories, calls from Vic in NoCal, Mike in Indy, and John in San Antonio 07/22/16
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 1 - Announcement, Video messages from clones 07/22/16
E-mails to end Hour 1 - Andy in Denver, Sam in ABQ, Jack in La Hoya and John in Louisville 07/21/16
StevePHX sends an email from 'Rocky Dennis swiping left on Tinder' 07/21/16
Orion in Waterford's favorite sport is when Rome trolls the clones 07/21/16
Benny in Wisco has another cheesy story, has Alvie 'rat' him 07/21/16
Matt in LA calls with a bunch of old resets 07/21/16
Charlie no longer in South Bend calls about his favorite sport, competitive eating 07/21/16
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on the Smackoff 07/20/16
Eddie in Santa Barbara calls during a Vicodin bender 07/20/16
Mark in Barstow got run twice in 1 show, Hour 2 for restating his name and city, Hour 3 for melting down and ejecting 07/19/16
Jeff Passan interview - references OJ, Bartolo being fat, clones ask if he can be invited to 2017 Smackoff 07/19/16
Ken in SA email about wrestling with his wife, Rome doesn't want to hear it 07/13/16
ATP's from Pauly in Indy and Sarah T, call from Matt in LA, and email from Joaquin 07/18/16
Iafrate in studio - Discusses Whitey's dad, his nickname, history of the Jungle 07/13/16
Ian in Venice shares how to beat the rap for falling asleep behind the wheel while intoxicated, gets run for suggesting Draymond Green's heckler dangled his package in front of him 07/12/16
Interview with Cleveland Browns running back Terrell Watson, with reaction from Clones, including Tweets from Sarah T in Providence and Mike in Indy 07/12/16
Interview with Washington Wizards small forward (and former Kansas Jayhawk) Kelly Oubre Jr 07/12/16
The heckler who hooked Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) was a Michigan State football player - Spartan-on-Spartan crime - with Rome's thoughts and call from Austin in Grand Rapids (Michigan Wolverines fan) 07/12/16
Tweet from Smackoff XXII champion Leff in Laguna Beach about Tim Duncan's retirement, with references to John in San Antonio; Rome resets Leff's Golden Ticket call from 2014 07/11/16
Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) accused of slapping a heckler in a club in East Lansing, MI 07/11/16
Feuding between Erron in Diamondhead and John in San Antonio 07/11/16
Tim Duncan retires after spending his 19-year NBA career with the Spurs, with reaction from Clones 07/11/16
Steve in Tucson hyperventilates on air, ejects 07/08/16
Colby in Austin says that Larry Brown is only known for that time in Houston, Rome corrects him 07/08/16
Parody Larry calls with thoughts on Warriors, Rome wants a parody, Larry goes with one from the late, great Steve Miller, but Millers not dead and he sang a Stealers Wheel song 07/06/16
2016 Smackoff Recap 07/05/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) helps Kyle Brandt answer two Ask The Pros questions; gets Shame Bell for saying he wants to fart in Aaronthal's face; Kyle is terrified of spending 12 hours with Lance. 06/24/16
2016 Smackoff - Hour 3 - Leff reaction, Iafrate, Brad in Corona, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy, Top 10, Leff in Laguna Beach wins 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Hour 2 - Vic in No-Cal, Chad in LA, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus, Mark in Hollywood, Leff in Laguna Beach 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Hour 1 - John in San Antonio, Steve Carbone, Mark from Boston, Cal in Vegas, Silk in Huntington Beach, John in Little Rock 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - Mike in Indy 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - Mark in Boston 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - Chad in LA 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - John in San Antonio 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - Boatie in Pearland 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - Evan in the Bay 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Aftershow - Alan in Raleigh 07/01/16
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