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Boomer Esiason mentions Toby in Houston 09/19/14
Jonathan Dwyer calls from Joy in St Louis and Mark in Eureka 09/18/14
Josh in Washington - Former Gaucho calls with take on Jonathan Dwyer, women shouldn't deny their men sex 09/18/14
Bobby in Alhambra - Wants Tony Stewart to go to prison with a big predator named Bubba. Hopes Smokes booty-hole gets smoked. Rome gives a shout-out to Bubba the Love Sponge 09/17/14
Bill in Philly brings straight fire, 5 rimshot jokes 09/17/14
Bad Twitter contest, Haley Joel Osment 09/16/14
Eric in San Diego - Crash the Paddock guy with a story from high school, gym teachers whip students with lanyards, sometimes it hit the donks 09/15/14
Gonzo in SA Show - The woes of Roger Goodell and the NFL, Oklahoma State play-by-play voice David Hunziker talks UTSA Vs OK St and the music of Depeche Mode 09/13/14
TommyFromNC gets BANNED FOR LIFE from Twitter Contest for Mickey Rourke Tweet 09/12/14
Leff in Laguna Beach (aka the Laguna Beach Bully) cracks on Alvin Delloro and earns a spot in the Week That Was 09/12/14
Rome wants to burn the Twitter Contest 09/11/14
Calls from Elvis in Miami and Boatie in Pearland 09/11/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) gets run for talking about murdering Ron Goldman 09/11/14
Dave in St. Louis (the non-hunter) announces that his daughter has recovered from her concussion, cracks on Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald 09/11/14
Mike in Wichita weighs in on the Ray Rice situation and domestic violence in the NFL 09/11/14
Rome opens by ripping Roger Goddell for his handling of the Ray Rice situation, followed by e-mails comparing Goddell to Matt in Cleveland, Justin in Huntington Beach, and Lance in Louisville 09/11/14
Ray Rice caller - Dave in Michigan suggests that the spousal abuse is a form of erotic pleasure 09/09/14
Ray Rice caller - Tommy in Pennsylvania concerned about loss of income for family 09/09/14
Ray Rice caller - Charlie in San Antonio claims that 1 fight with a women doesn't count, the law states it has to be more than 1 time 09/09/14
Tweets from Stucknut and Blaise in KC about Josh Gordon's new job 09/04/14
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA / Arizona recap, the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mike Taylor from Ticket 760 talks Cowboys and Jared Kalmus from Cooler Chronicles talks Roadrunners 09/06/14
Ohio State implements new behavioral policies requiring fans to remain seated during plays; OSU's SID Tweets oldies songs with Stand in title 09/04/14
Jesus Montero suspended for season by Mariners for throwing ice cream sandwich at a scout; Donald Sterling (Bigotron) gains weight and is glossed Pig-otron; with fat jokes from Clones 09/02/14
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA defeats Houston, Mike Craven from InsideUTSA.com talks about it, NFL chat, UTSA entrance music, and Craig Sager Jr talks SEC & Falcons football GI/SA/S
Deeply Offensive Twitter Contest - Paul Walker blast 08/29/14
Andrew in Madison reads his script, Rome asks him to start over and he does it word for word 08/29/14
Emailers pay tribute to Alice the Maid from the Brady Bunch 06/02/14
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - The birth of 1-800-MEN-TOTO 07/02/12
Ryan Howard didnt get the memo about Nickelback 06/19/14
Kaleb in Green Bay @iambthewalrus responds to National Good Call Day 08/28/14
Mike in Indy responds to Leff in Laguna Beach, Rome conducts a poll from callers about better call 08/27/14
Leff in Laguna Beach - Took a run at Smackoff callers, Glossed the Laguna Beach Bully 08/27/14
Vic in NoCal calls with takes on Mark Schlereth and Life Hacks 08/14/14
Gonzo in SA Show - MLB AL Central talk with Jeremy Brown, Is Manziel the new Tebow?, fantasy football chat, the music of The Cardinal Health and Andrew Monaco talks milk mustaches and music 08/23/14
Gonzo in SA Show - NFL season preview, fantasy football team names, getting punched in the face and the music of old friend Danny Gibbons as Our Sleeping Giant 08/16/14
Gonzo in SA Show - The Cowboys party bus, SEC Network programming, no bubbles in baseball, fantasy football talk and we say goodbye to AC the intern 08/08/14
Rome brings back Jukebox Friday before going on vacation 08/09/14
Twitter Contest featuring Joe in Superior, Chris in St. Pete, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) and Ryan in Wichita 08/07/14
Logan is obsessed with the Rocky movies, with reaction from Clones 08/05/14
PapaHopwood resets Wheel of Fortune puzzle missolve SURF CLAY WHERE WE GO, with Beach Boys bumping in background 08/05/14
Rome would rather have Ronnie T, Aaronthal, Hope Solo, and Donald Sterling accompany him on a road trip than Lance in Topeka; Lance responds on Twitter 08/05/14
Ned in Indio, 68-year-old Clone 08/05/14
Gonzo in SA Show - The Raiders are coming to San Antonio, Arian Foster being the best teammate he can be, sports dream jobs and Rampage Nate talks Rampage hockey 08/02/14
Fangfox wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 08/01/14
Email contest - Jon Bon Jovi resets 07/31/14
Ken in San Antonio with a Johnny Manziel acne e-mail, Rome smashes the e-mail printout on his desk 07/30/14
Water main break floods Pauley Pavilion at UCLA; prank caller to KABC-TV Louis Slungpoo pulls fast one on anchors, suggests break came from cherry bomb down a drain or someone taking a massive dump 07/30/14
Blaise in KC and Pattesour in Bugaha - who is stealing from who? 07/30/14
Interview with Mayura Dissanayake - gas station clerk & MMA fighter who saved co-worker from being robbed 07/29/14
Rome cracks on mimes 07/28/14

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