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Joe in Indianapolis calls with a story about being at the gym with his buddy Tob, crank in the face 07/27/15
Mark in LA calls with a story about how he told Tommy Lasorda to get Kirk Gibson from Detroit 07/27/15
Mike in Indy responds to Walrus and Mark in Hollywood, has a take on BackInFriday 07/24/15
Kaleb in Green Bay goes after Mike in Indy, criticizes Jim Rome's Twitter avatar 07/24/15
Mark in Boston calls from hospital tipsy, announces the birth of his daughter, takes a run at Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Mark in Hollywood on Hulk Hogan, Ashley Madison, and Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Mike in Indy responds to Smooth Joe, takes a run at Brad in Corona 07/23/15
Smooth Joe in Hollywood lays out his Mt. Rushmore of best Jungle callers 07/23/15
Jim Rome wants a part in Space Jam 2 07/23/15
1995 Smackoff Segment 13 - Julius in Camp Pendleton, Irie Craig in Long Beach, Dave in Placentia 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 12 - Dave in Irvine, Mark in Denver 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 11 - Jeff DiTolla, Mike in La Palma 04/14/95
Jim Rome's take on Top Gun 2 07/03/15
Woman calls 911 because her chinese food wasn't good, paid with credit card, demanded cash back 07/10/15
Dan in SF email - War CJ Wilson being nudged into a dance circle to Rock Lobster 07/17/15
Vic in Nocal tweets that he is the best caller ever after 6 straight top 4 Smackoff finishes 07/22/15
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston about best caller ever 07/22/15
Gino in San Antonio responds to best caller ever, nominates Raider Mike 07/22/15
Mark in Boston calls about Mike in Indy claiming to be best caller ever, sparks debate 07/22/15
Twitter contest - Dan in Louisville wins with Kasey in Pensachlorophyll gloss 07/17/15
Zach Johnson backswing distraction alternatives, bagpipes, Beatles music, Yoko screaming 07/17/15
John in Little Rock sings a Safety Dance parody for FSU QB DeAndre Johnson, gets run 07/17/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls back for 2nd call of day, even more drunk than before, lets the callers on hold know he was on twice 07/17/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls from a boat, lets callers on hold know he didn't wait, takes a shot of Jim Beam, dedicates it to Ish 07/17/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 07/16/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 07/09/15
Larry in Indiana, RadioShack employee, with indignant call accusing Rome of doctoring Nick Saban audio to fool audience; provokes e-mail and Twitter reaction and calls from Steve in San Jose and John in Waterford; Larry gets Huge Call 07/16/15
J.B. in the 785 with an e-mail cracking Nick Saban and Vic in No-Cal and asking for a Lance in Topeka call; Rome accuses him of being Lance operating under false identity 07/16/15
Vic in Nocal with first monthly check-in since Smackoff, goes after Sarah T, Donovon McNabb, gets run for mentioning Hillary Clinton orgasm 07/15/15
Oscar the Grouch in Detroit - The Grump parody 07/15/15
Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer arrested for allegedly punching a minor and threatening to kill his family, with Twitter and e-mail reaction 07/13/15
Jukebox Friday - NFL fireworks songs (TNT, Burden in My Hand, Wrapped Around Your Finger), Lump for the Grump, I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore for DeAndre Jordan in Dallas 07/10/15
William in Cleveland defends Cleveland Browns fanbase with straight fire 07/10/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump, 5th call of the week, gives Rome ultimatum, accept the gloss or he won't call again 07/10/15
Nooch in Alexander AR admits his name is self gloss, gets run anyways 07/09/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump gets run for 4th day in a row 07/09/15
Tweets from @RayInSaintPaul, @stucknut, and @evanforsberg. Rome says they suck and are terrible. 07/08/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump makes it 3 days in a row, strikes out 07/08/15
Rome spends most of Hour 1 talking about De'Andre Johnson punching woman at bar and warding off Clones wanting to talk about Subway spokesman Jared Fogle being investigated for child porn 07/07/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump calls for 2nd day in a row, gets run again 07/07/15
Rob in Cleveland gets run for glossing himself The Grump, gets added to Alvins self-gloss mix 07/06/15
Gonzo in SA Show - Final show, Fabian audio, Jeremy Brown, Adam Clanton, recap of Jim Rome House of Blues Show 07/01/15
Leff in Laguna gets interviewed by Rome about the planning of his Smackoff call 07/01/15
Mark in Boston calls about the Smackoff, Leff, and sings Bryan Adams for Canada Day 07/01/15
Smackoff XXI champ Brad in Corona calls to crack on Leff in Laguna Beach and Vic in No-Cal; wins Huge Call 06/30/15
Marshall in Newport Beach with an e-mail resetting Jason in Redding's scripted call from previous day 06/30/15
Mike in Indy with a disgruntled call demanding an apology from Rome for not awarding him and Chael Sonnen the Smackoff XXI championship 06/30/15
Vernon Davis appears on Family Feud and gives creepy answers 06/30/15
Jason in Redding - First time caller, gets hooked by Rome telling him his connection was bad, reads his script again 06/29/15
Vic in Nocal calls to reflect on the Smackoff, gets run 06/29/15
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