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J.B. in the 785 with a Portland Woman e-mail; Rome resets Brandon in Portland's 2014 call about "Portland Woman" 05/04/16
Chad in LA calls about the Spurs/Thunder game and Brad in Corona 05/03/16
Irie Craig calls about the Kentucky Derby, says Iggy Pop shouted out to Rome at a concert, gives us a new soundbite (arggg I don't think so) 05/03/16
Earv Johnson with more Twitter magic 05/03/16
Warren G sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game, messes up the lyrics 05/02/16
Emailer and Uber driver Rick in Newport (@thedickflowers) picks up passenger Dennis Rodman and they call the show 04/29/16
Lee in Vancouver email - Cleveland fans are excited to get soap 04/28/16
Rome gets another prediction right, the Nashville Predators over the Anaheim Ducks, with clones cashing in and reaction 04/28/16
US Coast Guard has to rescue an idiot who tried to run in a waterproof ball across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Bermuda 04/26/16
Ask the Pros - Steve in HTown asking if we can ban Sarah T during Tom Bradys suspension 04/25/16
Troy Smith - I'm Officer 04/04/16
Final Segment - new Bourne trailer, Week That Was, Ask The Pros, Steve in H-Town (stucknut) wins Twitter contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/22/16
Jukebox Friday - Steve in H-Town (stucknut), Mike in Omaha, Rick in the 403, Alan in Raleigh, Chickie in Ontario 04/22/16
Rome threatens to ban Matt in Vancouver for sophomoric Kellen Winslow e-mail 04/22/16
Rome's take on astounding ESPN article about Tiger Woods - weird, awkward, nerdy, baggy, cheap, obsessed with Navy Seals 04/22/16
Chad in LA tries to take a run at Brad in Corona 04/21/16
Lisa in Tucson wants to smoke but has to visit her parents, provides new laugh soundbyte 04/20/16
420 Day - Dane in Kimberly reset, Matt in LA thinks the crew smokes during breaks 04/20/16
Lance Truthers and the real Jim Rome - Conspiracy theories to conclude show from Roger in Denver, Slash in Brentwood, Smoky Joe in Superior and Steve in PHX 04/19/16
Ray in St. Paul with e-mail calling conspiracy theorist losers like the Anaheim Ducks 04/19/16
Mike in Clearwater FL with conspiracy theory that Flatu-Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry are creations of Kyle and Alvin; Parody Larry calls to refute this claim 04/19/16
J.B. in the 785 with e-mail comparing Donald Trump's sports knowledge to that of Jeopardy contestants 04/19/16
Donald Trump and Rex Ryan at New York rally - Trump with verbal gaffes and misrepresenting Ryan's achievements 04/19/16
Kyle in Salt Lake City calls to suggest Utah Jazz were paid to not defend Kobe Bryant in his final game and denies moon landing; response from Clones, including rebuttal by Orion in Waterford 04/19/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) flames out while singing Sedak-Attack about Trapper in Dana Point 04/18/16
Chino in Buffalo calls to let Jim know that it's Chino in Buffalo 04/14/16
Manny Johnziel in Hollywood calls to clear up a few things 04/15/16
The Week That Was - Burt, Chino, Gino, Carter: the directors cut, Trap, and... Bernie. 04/15/16
Guns-N-Roses grand prize drawing, Pauly in Indy wins trip to Detroit 04/15/16
Benny in Wisco tells a story with at least 15 rat family references 04/15/16
Chad in LA takes a run at a few clones, Herbert the pervert impression, won Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/15/16
Trapper in Dana Point calls for a chance to win Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/15/16
Leff in Laguna compares Kobe's last game to Smackoff callers, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/14/16
Mark in Boston goes after Jim Nantz and his picture of burnt toast 04/14/16
Holmey in Newport Beach - Email about No-Cal 04/14/16
Evan in the Bay - Tweet about So-Cal 04/14/16
Phil in Missouri email wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Mike in Indy calls to smack Brad in Corona, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Bernie in Vermont (Vic in Nocal) tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets, runs out of time 04/13/16
Mark in Boston calls with a take on Kobe, tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets for his dad 04/13/16
Mark in Hollywood calls about Kobe's last game, then smacks Brad, Mike, and Vic 04/13/16
Tommy in Stockton tries to rap his way to see Guns-N-Roses but drops an s-bomb within a second 04/12/16
CJ in Oxnard lays out the entire history of Guns-N-Roses and the Jungle, might be longest bad call ever 04/12/16
Rick in Boise email about men that takes a glove to baseball games, wars the JTP 04/12/16
Carter in Scottsdale calls his shot via email, but failed as a caller 04/12/16
Steve Elkington on the Masters 04/12/16
Shay in the Bay calls and gets run for poop references 04/11/16
Gino in San Antonio calls to rip on Detroit in effort to win a trip there, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/11/16
Ken in SA email from Danny Willett's pet Ratt, puts Ken in lead for Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/11/16
Brad in Corona rips the Guns-N-Roses tickets from Mike in Indy 04/08/16
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