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Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on Kyle Schwarber playing in the World Series 10/27/16
Paul in NoCal calls about the NY Giants, wants to add Hillary Clinton to the Rat Family 10/26/16
Matt in LA calls about Arian Fosters retirement, gets on Smackoff bubble 10/25/16
Orion in Waterford tried to become 3rd straight caller racked, fails 10/24/16
John in Little Rock parodies Der Kommissar again, with Penn State vs Ohio State theme, gets racked 10/24/16
Alex in Cleveland is sick of bandwagon Cubs fans, gets racked 10/24/16
Scottie Pippen sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Wrigley, joins the club 10/24/16
Chad in LA jumps in last second to respond to Mark in Hollywoods call 10/21/16
ATP - Origin of Goodnight Now soundbite, Twitter contest - @DrewWestLA 10/21/16
Mark in Hollywood responds to Chad in LA 10/21/16
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on Josh Brown and the Dodgers vs Cubs 10/21/16
Chad in LA takes a run at Mark in Hollywood's giant head 10/20/16
Mike in Cleveland is now pleased with his local teams 10/20/16
Boomer Esiason references Robin Thicke, for the clones 10/20/16
Blaise in KC informs Rome that Robin Thicke got fat. Tweets from @BlaiseInKC, @RayInSaintPaul, @Stucknut, @chrisinstpete, and the Growing Pains theme song rewritten by Blaise 10/19/16
Steve in Aliso Viejo responds to Shane Battiers interview 10/18/16
Twitter contest, ATP (does Romes kids listen to his music), RIP Quentin Groves, call from Matt in LA 10/17/16
Jeff Passan responds to Cal in Vegas' call during an interview 10/17/16
ATP - Pauly in Indy asks about Romes birthday dinner, then a call from Mike in Indy 10/14/16
Twitter contest, Cal in Vegas response, Ray in St Paul wins 10/14/16
Cal in Vegas finally responds to Jeff Passan 10/14/16
Andrea in Baltimore calls to update the clones on Thomas Dolby's whereabouts 10/14/16
Seth in Toronto glosses himself the Zookeeper and gets run 10/14/16
Alvin bumps Thomas Dolby for Jim Rome's Birthday 10/14/16
Matt in Vancouver cracks on Edmonton and its dirt people 10/13/16
Parody Larry with an e-mail cracking on Cam Newton, calling him "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" and glossing him "Fig Newton"; Rome declares the e-mail to be "truly terrible" and worse than an F 10/13/16
Dennis Fratella with an e-mail trying to add Giants pitcher Derek Law to the Rat Family; Rome apologizes again for creating the Family and resets how Logan found out about it 10/12/16
Twitter Contest - including Tweets from Blaise in KC and Ryan G. May 10/12/16
Ask The Pros - Alex in Boise - How did Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" become the Jungle theme song? 10/12/16
Joey Vendetta calls and ask if the MLB is more compelling than the NFL 10/12/16
Raider Mike gets put on hold twice for interviews, but finally gets his call in about the Chargers 10/11/16
ATP - How to handle Holmey and Randall in public, email requesting SD Chargers song backwards 10/10/16
Canadian Thanksgiving Tweets - Blaise in KC with 3 in a row 10/10/16
Twitter contest - winner @SirWalterCity, ATP asked by Joe in Superior 10/07/16
Ian in Venice rambles through a call, asks Stucknut to verify that he never had an email read 10/07/16
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Giants and Cubs series, gets run 10/06/16
Jeff Passan vs Cal in Vegas email and Twitter reaction 10/06/16
Jeff Passan lights up Cal in Vegas during an interview 10/06/16
Tweets about Barefoot Airline Passenger and Odell Beckham Jr, including Steve in SA, Mike in Buffalo, Lance in Topeka, Felix in Boston, and Lee in Vancouver 10/05/16
Bad Twitter Contest, no one wins 10/03/16
Ask The Pros - Fred in Houston asks about Rome being Watch Guy and prompts a Connor McGregor reset 10/03/16
FBI Mike in Toledo calls with his thoughts on Vin Scully 09/30/16
More Vin Scully reaction and a call from Irie Craig 09/30/16
Audio tribute to Vin Scully by Alvin, plus reaction 09/30/16
Trapper in Dana Point calls with thoughts on Vin Scully 09/30/16
Stucknut tweets about Astros Tal's Hill, Rube in Richmond takes a run at Stucknut 09/28/16
Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker 02/05/13
ATP - Joe in Superior asks if Rome would rather party in Vegas with large group or Randall, Larry, and Lance 09/26/16
Raider Mike calls from Nashville with thoughts on the Raiders Titans game 09/26/16
Iowa Hawkeyes lost to FCS North Dakota State 09/19/16
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