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Slash in Brentwood calls with thoughts on Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl, gets run 02/09/16
Mike in Toledo and Denlesks email about Fat Tuesday 02/09/16
Parody Larry shows up to radio row, sings a parody from the CBS Sports Radio set 02/05/16
Mike in Indy calls during the first segment, gets racked and run for an Aaron Neville bomb 02/05/16
Trapper in Dana Point checks in during radio row, talks about the SI cover shoot, Rome tells a story about Trappers chili 02/04/16
Bill Romanowski on radio row, drops a new FAT soundbite 02/03/16
Steve in HTown decodes Rome's plea that personal appearance is not show fodder 02/01/16
Mark in Hollywood Creed-bombs Rome on radio row 02/01/16
Ask the Pros - J.B. in the 785 asks about Jake and Logan getting into radio and guest hosting the show; Rome recaps his sons' appearances on the program 01/29/16
Interview with Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman 01/29/16
Leff in Laguna Beach calls and gets run for Train-Bombing Rome 01/29/16
Interview with mystery guest Richard Sherman delayed by technical difficulties; Rome takes two bad calls and is in a bad mood 01/29/16
The Rock Show - Nutties Awards 01/28/16
Mark in Chicago gets run for John Elway rodeo reference, giddy-up horsey 01/27/16
John in Little Rock sings A-ha's Take on Me from a bad phone connection 01/27/16
Jim, Kyle, and Alvin reenact a scene from Space Jam 01/22/16
Julie in Orange County calls and says she listens to Rome because of his hot voice and is awarded Huge Call; some Clones suggest she was catfishing like Creepy Ronnie T 01/19/16
@TrueDodgerCrue wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 01/15/16
Lee in Vancouver with a Rat Family e-mail about Gary Gaetti 01/15/16
Calls from Billy in College Station TX (Johnny Manziel impersonator), Adam in Cincinnati (PacMan Jones impersonator), and Aaron in Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers impersonator); all get run 01/15/16
Steve in St Louis calls and gets run for child support smack 01/13/16
Kyle Brandt interviews Steve Carbone, who runs a Bachelor spoiling website RealitySteve.com 01/13/16
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - Rams leaving St. Louis for Los Angeles; John in Louisville with an e-mail cracking on St. Louis and including bum smack and Najeh Davenport reference 01/13/16
Rome revisits the Slash in Brentwood call, determines that Slash got the buzzer before saying I'm out 01/08/16
Slash in Brentwood talks about the OJ documentary at Sundance, then references The Juice filleting Nicki and Ron like Bama fan slicing up the family squirrel, ejects before the buzzer 01/07/16
Tom Herman interview - Peach Bowl recap, new grill from Paul Wall, Kyle Allen recruitment, Elk 01/07/16
Vic in NoCal with a serious take on Yoda and Star Wars 12/15/15
Fake Parody Larry sings Gilligans Island 12/15/15
Jeff in Lincoln emails about Guns n Roses reunion, gets Fat Axl reaction from other emailers 01/05/16
Matt in Los Angeles doesn't realize he's on the air, he's having a conversation about plumbing 01/05/16
Emails - John in San Antonio about OC skanks, Sarah T saying Johnnys face is a roulette wheel and everyone was betting red 01/05/16
Email from Randall in the OC about E-Takes, Kyle Brandt announces that he and his wife are expecting 01/04/16
Brad in Corona calls at the end of the show to respond to Mark in Hollywood 01/04/16
Rome reads tweet from Steve in HTown @stucknut about the first email to the show, using the E-Takes form on the website in 1999 01/04/16
Mark in Hollywood calls about New Years, takes a run at Brad in Corona 01/04/16
First email of the year - UUU New Year Guy from Matt in Poland Springs, Rome asks Steve in HTown to find first email ever to the show 01/04/16
Lance in Topeka sends Sarah T. in Providence a Christmas reset about Parody Larry (based on Ken Griffin's rendition of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer) 12/24/15
2015 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/22/15
2015 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/22/15
2015 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/22/15
Eric in Falls Church - War Rome and I attending a game in Blacksburg, boozing, and hitting up frat parties 12/15/15
Alvie in studio, KB on the board 12/18/15
Jukebox Friday - Most entries about LeBron knocking out Jason Day's wife 12/18/15
Mark in Chicago calls about the Grump and Mark in Hollywood, gets run for fart smack 12/18/15
Anton in Tampa calls about fans of Star Wars 12/17/15
John in SA emails about Star Wars dorks 12/17/15
Parody Larry with a Star Wars themed call, gets run while giving clones gifts 12/17/15
Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 12/16/15
Claude in Texas is a USPS worker and is tired of bailing out other delivery services, blow it out your arse you Johnny-come-lately bitches 12/11/15
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on UFC, Dana White, and Ronda Rousey 12/11/15
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