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Ask the Pros - Sarah T. asked Rome who his celebrity crush was as a teen, Rome laughed his way through a list of hotties 05/18/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 05/14/15
Slash in Brentwood's take on deflategate 05/14/15
Fake Silk calls as Tim in Portland Maine, come on 05/12/15
Christian in Portland ME calls to earn Golden Ticket to Smackoff XXI, gets run for horrible phone connection 05/11/15
Interview with Guns-n-Roses band member Duff McKagan 05/11/15
Kevin in Twin Falls ID bids for a Golden Ticket to Smackoff XXI, gets run for "whipped cream on horse turd" blast 05/11/15
Rome offers to interview Clones who have achieved anything athletically, takes calls from Jake in Green Bay and Shannon in Wichita; Rome ultimately gets interview with Robert Lusetich instead 05/11/15
E-mails from Bryce in Topeka about Smackoff XXI and Denlesks about Rome working on a Monday 05/11/15
Daytripper20 wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 05/08/15
John in Little Rock becomes first caller ever to get Smackoff Golden Ticket despite flaming and getting run 05/08/15
Jukebox Friday - Sarah T in Providence, Max Coits, Alan in Raliegh, GrahamLake11 and paulytwall 05/08/15
Smackoff XXI set for June 26 05/08/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 05/07/15
Sklar Brothers interview 'Bruce Jenner' 10/10/11
Leff in Laguna Beach takes a run at Klay Thompson's nose 05/01/15
Joaquin email - War ordering the pay-per-view fight on grandmas cable bill and making a surprise visit 04/28/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 04/30/15
Twitter Contest - Chris in St. Pete, Brock in the 920, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus), Jay in YTown (YtownJay) and Phil in Missouri 04/30/15
Tanner in Tampa Bay talks Rays, Lightning and Buccaneers, includes Age of Aquarius reset, wins Huge Call 04/30/15
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/24/15
Week That Was 04/24/15
Parody Friday II - Lance in Topeka, Parody Larry in the Bay Area, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; John wins Huge Call 04/24/15
Eric in Portland ME calls again to troll Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry 04/24/15
Kyle Brandt shares his thoughts on Parody Friday II 04/24/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 04/23/15
Rome takes votes from Clones as to whether or not Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry should get on the air; Rome promises to let them on next day 04/23/15
Lance in Topeka e-mails to try to negotiate airtime with Rome after being on hold all day; Rome refuses the offer 04/22/15
Interview with Nate Boyer, decorated Green Beret and former walk-on at U of Texas; followed by Clones' reaction on e-mail, Twitter and phones 04/21/15
Rome jokes about skipping his Showtime show to get high on 4-20 04/21/15
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) cracks on Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) but segues to yet another OJ reset and gets run at the end of the show 04/17/15
John in Little Rock gets run for cracking on Lamar Odom's crack addiction with Boomtown Rats parody (Up All Night) 04/17/15
Lance in Topeka (aka The Scorpion) e-mails a Neil Sedaka haiku on National Haiku Day 04/17/15
gordoroofing wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/16/15
Rome's take on National High-Five Day and High-Five Guy 04/16/15
Parody Larry gets on the air after three days on hold and tries to become Haiku Larry; Rome runs him and chews him out 04/10/15
John in Little Rock calls with Men At Work reset for Parody Larry and gets run for three gorilla balls blasts 04/10/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls to crack Parody Larry with an Aerosmith reset and gets run; Rome regrets running him 04/10/15
Rome pays tribute to 19-year-old cancer victim Lauren Hill 04/10/15
Lisa in Green Bay returns to predict a Wisconsin victory over Duke, gets broken off for not bringing heavy smack as she did in previous call 04/06/15
Undefeated Kentucky falls to Wisconsin in the Final Four, with reactions from Clones 04/06/15
Interview with Ben Golliver; Rome's microphone falls during interview and prompts Twitter reaction from Clones 04/03/15
Randall (WFI) in the OC has a reputation as a stalker 04/03/15
Chris no longer in St Pete tries to call but flames. Rome suggests that he sticks to Twitter. 04/03/15
Leff in Laguna Beach calls with smack on Kaleb in Green Bay and Mike in Indy, gets a shot off before getting run 04/01/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Kentucky, Rome praises his progress as a caller 04/01/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 04/02/15
Lisa in Green Bay thinks Wisconsin can beat Kentucky, wins Huge Call for cracking on Michigan State coach Tom Izzo 03/31/15
Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) revealed to hug and kiss Patriots owner Bob Kraft, with Clones' reaction 03/31/15
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) segues from take on Sam Dekker's daggers to OJ using daggers to commit double murder and gets run 03/31/15
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