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1995 Smackoff Segment 05 - Clones trying to fool Grover, William in San Diego, Sam in San Diego, Troll man in Hermosa Beach 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 04 - Eddie the Rope and Jason in Fullerton 04/14/95
Twitter Contest consists mostly of reaction to Bob in Richmond; Rich in Copyright Hills wins Huge Call 10/28/14
Bob in Richmond gets run for Kenny Rogers parody 10/28/14
Christian in Maine gets run; jump in audio due to f-bomb being censored out 10/28/14
Old-school caller Rich in Copyright Hills returns to the Jungle 10/28/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 03 - Mayor of Poway, Lance in La Costa, and Raider Mike 04/14/95
Rich in Rochester jokes about Sammy Watkins' premature touchdown celebration, wars Buffalo Bills playoff talk on local radio 10/27/14
If Oakland Raiders go 0-16, Rome will lead campaign to bring them to Los Angeles 10/27/14
Aaron Lewis from Staind butchers the National Anthem at Game 5 of the World Series, with Twitter reaction 10/27/14
John in Louisville compares Geno Smith to Dennis in Oklahoma City 10/27/14
Donnie in the 312 misses one of Rome's jokes and jumps him for it on e-mail; Rome chews him out 10/27/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 02 - Clones faxing in their odds, Ross in Pacific Beach, Steve from Loyola Marymount 04/14/95
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA Football Talk, Stuff You Didn't Know About Halloween and NBA Celebrity Fans 10/25/14
1995 Smackoff Segment 01 - Intro, Julius in Camp Pendleton reset, layout of field, Rochester affiliate announcement, first caller Doc Mike DiTolla 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff - JT The Brick's winning call and follow up interview 04/14/95
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA Football Talk, Our Favorite Drummers, Joe in Bugaha Calls From a Train, Taking Wine Baths and Who Keeps Giving Mark Sanchez Food During Games? 10/18/14
Kansas City Royals advance to World Series for first time since 1985; with KC and No-Cal clones exchanging haymakers via e-mail and Twitter 10/16/14
Rome recaps the James Bond callers from previous day 10/15/14
Kansas City Royals one win away from World Series, with e-mail from Scott in Lakeland FL warring Lance in Topeka doing a parody of "We Are The Champions" by Queen 10/15/14
Twitter Contest - Reaction to James Bond callers 10/14/14
Rome argues with callers about actors portraying James Bond 10/14/14
Jim Rome's 50th birthday - Famous people he shares birthday with 10/14/14
Vic in Nocal with Charlie Weis take, footballs orbit him, Rex Chapman steals from Apple Store 10/09/14
Bernie in LA calls with hockey take, over Alvies foghorn 10/09/14
Gonzo in SA Show - AP smokes some weed, Bubble Boy 2K14, Making out with Tony Romo, FIU Vs UTSA talk, horror movie stereotypes and SA Rampage music 10/11/14
Rome's Racoon Problem 10/07/14
KC owns Orange County - Kansas City Royals sweep Los Angeles Angels in the ALDS, with e-mails from Mike R. in Toronto and Martin in Irvine 10/06/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Small balls and bench brawls, MLB postseason talk, UTSA Football, NFL Week 5 preeview and Tony Bruno joins us to talk podcasting 10/04/14
Jukebox Friday - Max_Coits, TommyFromNC, Lance in Topeka, Boatie in Pearland, Mike_Wass 10/03/14
Smooth Joe in Hollywood bashes Mike in Indy 10/03/14
Lance in Topeka attempts an Italian style Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody) on Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) but gets run 10/03/14
Rome gives Blaise in KC an F for an e-mail about a Donald Sterling-Viv Stiviano reality show, then gets annoyed with TommyFromNC for sneaking bum smack into a Tweet 10/02/14
San Francisco Giants shut out Pittsburgh Pirates 8-0 in NL Wild Card, with e-mails from Bryce in Topeka and Scott in Frisco 10/02/14
Rome cracks on Metal Detector Guy 10/01/14
Kansas City Royals defeat Oakland Athletics 9-8 in 12 innings in AL Wild Card game, with e-mail and Twitter reaction, including Craig in Tampa and Ryan in Wichita 10/01/14
Eric in South Portland ME with a funny call 09/30/14
Laron Landry busted for PED use; Dave in Washington State e-mails on the subject and Rome responds 09/30/14
Kansas City Chiefs dominate New England Patriots 41-14 on Monday Night Football; with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago and Sean in Ottawa 09/30/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Not getting too excited about the Cowboys, the NFL wants to talk to Charlie Strong, UTSA Vs FAU preview and a farewell to Derek Jeter 09/27/14
Alan in Raleigh wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 09/26/14
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on Derek Jeter's retirement 09/26/14
Boomer Esiason drops another Toby in Houston reference; Rome resets the legend of Toby 09/26/14
Boatie in Pearland calls out so-called legends, ends with his catchphrase 'suck it Brad' 09/25/14
Vic in NoCal calls during legends week, great Mark impression, run for Michael Sam joke 09/25/14
Brad in Corona cracks on several characters in the Jungle 09/24/14
Jeff in So-Cal with a Mark Mangino update, says he looks like a giant plump meatball on Iowa State sideline 09/24/14
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) cracks on Leff in Laguna Beach and wins Huge Call 09/23/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) gets run for talking about celebrating the murder of Nicole and Ron 09/23/14
Leff in Laguna Beach (the Laguna Beach Bully) goes too long and gets run 09/23/14

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