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Steve in Buffalo calls with bad Bills vs Patriots take. Gronkowski is like Jesus out on the field, he is going to rip our asses apart 11/23/15
Lance in Topeka returns to Fresh Coast Kliq, sings banned Four Tops reset about Parody Larry 11/22/15
Jim Rome station visit to Albuquerque opening segment, resets notable callers 11/20/15
Kyle in Albuquerque tries to guess what KB did the last time he was in town, Rome asks him a question and he keeps rambling 11/19/15
LeRoy in Albuquerque drops old school Rome references, mentions Dude and Fabio guest hosting the Jungle in 1996 11/19/15
Twitter contest - Vic in NoCal wins with LeBrons cramp haiku, @ApolloCrudd, @DanLouisville, @AlanInRaleigh 06/06/14
Mike in Clearwater FL gets BANNED FOR LIFE for saying he wants to fart in Greg Hardy's face 11/16/15
Rome takes 14 calls in 1 segment, breaks previous record of 12 11/12/15
Chris in Buffalo calls with a horrible poem 11/12/15
Emailer wars smoking dope with Kyle Brandt at the Albuquerque event, Rome and Kyle discuss weed, KB gets glossed Kyle Blunt 11/10/15
Rich in Fayetteville, Arkansas calls with thoughts on Greg Hardy and Jerry Jones, slips in an alzheimers joke 11/06/15
Rome interrupts the Week That Was to wrap up the Larry, Rob, and Lance calls 11/06/15
Boomer Esiason starts interview with gas and crank reference, plus a shoutout to Lance in Topeka 11/06/15
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets BANNED FOR LIFE for saying he wants to fart in Parody Larry's face; Rome awards Lance and Rob a Huge Call 11/05/15
Rob in Cleveland the Grump (Rob G in CLE) tries to take down Larry with a rap, flames out, drops an s-bomb and gets run 11/05/15
Reaction to The Grumps call and the Twitter contest 11/05/15
Mike in Indy calls the show and advises Rome to allow Rob and Lance to defend themselves 11/05/15
Lance in Topeka doesn't want Parody Larry on the air; Rome reminds him of his tandem call with Rob in Cleveland 11/04/15
Jonny Gomes steals the show at Royals' World Series celebration with epic rant 11/04/15
Parody Larry with another bad parody song, rambles for a while, then glosses Lance as FlatuLance, email reaction 11/04/15
Iafrate calls to talk about the Kansas City Royals championship 11/02/15
Jeremy in Sconny email - Glosses the Dolphins 'Feminine Sharks', lays out Dantallica song requests, Jewel email from Steve in PHX 10/29/15
Daryl Morey interview, talks about disappointing opening night loss, Dwight Howards positive attitude 10/29/15
E-mails mocking Cubs with resets of Tom Thibodeau laugh and Beans Taste Fine after getting swept by the Mets in the NLCS 10/22/15
Antonio in Georgia doesn't like Vic in NoCal, thinks he should be suspended for that garbage 10/21/15
Vic in NoCal - Jim Harbaugh will get bored in college, Indianapolis Colts fake punt play reminds him of Mike in Indy, sings Meatloaf 10/21/15
Jungle Jeopardy - NFL player accused of stabbing 2 people then writing a book about it, Slash in Brentwood guesses incorrectly 10/21/15
Caller Chris in Indy was a 2002 Louisville football recruit, knows for sure escorts were brought to parties 10/20/15
Emails - Sarah T dropped acid in college, Mike in Toledo brings up Mike Ditkas gas issue 10/20/15
Silk Brah checks in from Green Bay, talks about the Clone-Stock 10/19/15
Mark in Boston - post Michigan/Michigan State call 10/19/15
Twitter contest, @JB_in_the_785 wins with bad National Poetry Day reset 10/16/15
Leff in Laguna goes after Kaleb, Vic, Mark in Hollywood, Mike in Indy, Brad, then gets run 10/16/15
Anton in Tampa calls while drinking, talks about a street hockey team from Fall River and how they will assault farm animals 10/16/15
Several callers try to respond to Mark in Boston but all fail 10/16/15
Mark in Boston destroys Michigan State 10/16/15
Eric in Falls Church email - Wars going to a brothel with Rome 10/15/15
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Lamar Odom 10/15/15
Silk Brah lays out the plans for the Green Bay Clonestock 10/15/15
Boatie in Pearland calls to respond emailer claiming Lamar Odom is a bad person 10/14/15
Jim Romes birthday, KB in studio, they discuss other people that share Jims birthday 10/14/15
Dave in St Louis Non-hunter calls with takes on Cardinals, Joe Torre, and Jim Harbaugh - Wins Huge Call 10/13/15
Ryan in Wichita - Najeh Davenport poem 10/08/15
Boatie in Pearland calls about the Astros, peacefully ejects 10/09/15
Jukebox Friday 10/09/15
Mark in Hollywood with a take on Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes, calls out Vic for being predictable 10/09/15
John in Little Rock responds to Jimmy in Windsors poetry 10/08/15
Jimmy in Windsor Ontario - Drunk poetry 10/08/15
Vic in Nocal with a take about Daily Fantasy Sports, Kaleb in Green Bay, and a Bed of Roses parody for Greg Hardy 10/07/15
Holmey in Newport Beach email about Rome being a tennis gigolo, challenges Rome to a match 10/06/15
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