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Ken in San Antonio with a Johnny Manziel acne e-mail, Rome smashes the e-mail printout on his desk 07/30/14
Water main break floods Pauley Pavilion at UCLA; prank caller to KABC-TV Louis Slungpoo pulls fast one on anchors, suggests break came from cherry bomb down a drain or someone taking a massive dump 07/30/14
Blaise in KC and Pattesour in Bugaha - who is stealing from who? 07/30/14
Interview with Mayura Dissanayake - gas station clerk & MMA fighter who saved co-worker from being robbed 07/29/14
Rome cracks on mimes 07/28/14
Rome thinks Lance in Topeka has a better chance of being considered one of the Jungle's best callers than Geno Smith has of being the NFL's best QB 07/28/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Charlie Strong cleans house in Austin, stimulating MLB talk, the best Romo ever, a finger in your butt and Mike Craven talks UTSA football 07/26/14
GeneRayburnsMic wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 07/25/14
Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons on free agency, the Rockets, Dirk, Dwight, and Twitter 07/23/14
Steve in HTown with Facebook/Twitter back-to-back comments regarding Kyle Brandts disturbing basketball video 07/21/14
Gonzo in SA Show - That's the price for (Kevin) Love, ESPYS talk, our favorite baseball players, we're going to a Scorpions game and Adam Martinez stops by 07/19/14
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) accuses Lance in Topeka of plagiarism and roasts him 07/18/14
Return of Leff in Laguna Beach 07/18/14
Joaquin in San Diego calls the show and gets run, with reaction from Clones 07/17/14
Additional reaction to Lance in Topeka singing a Music Box Dancer parody (includes reset of Eddie in Boise singing Barry Manilow Copacabana parody) 07/17/14
Lance in Topeka fires a Frank Mills missile at Jason in Little Rock 07/16/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Mark Cuban's smedium shirts, crappy parody Twitter accounts, no Pau for you, the Washington Potato skins and Adam Clanton talks Rockets 07/12/14
Rick Brunson books appointment with masseuse under the name of Patrick Ewing and sexually assaults her; Rome gives this take with Enya bumping in background 07/10/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Women in sports, World Cup talk, sticking 61 hot dogs in your body, accidentally talking NASCAR and songs that celebrate America 07/05/14
gassman81 wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 07/03/14
Rome's rant about Fireworks Guy 07/03/14
Richard in Cerritos resets the Monica Seles has beaver-like chompers e-mail from 1994 07/03/14
Rome chews out JDUBLARGE for warring bum smack while listening and Tweeting from Italy 07/03/14
GrahamLake11 Tweets about Kobe Bryant getting fat, with Rome's response 07/03/14
Rome treats Thursday like Friday with a double Deca-Yeah, then chews out Trey in Cheyenne for bum smack 07/03/14
Rob in Buffalo with a Chipotle Kelly e-mail 07/02/14
Mike in Wichita does not answer Jim right away, but then gets run for crude sexual reference 07/01/14
Chael Sonnen fired from UFC and FOX for testing positive for drugs; Rome will not make him forfeit his Smackoff title 07/01/14
Mark in Hollywood discusses the atmosphere at Big Wang's and his mindset during the Smackoff, with reaction from Clones 07/01/14
Smackoff XX (2014) Hour 3 - Mike in Indy/Chael Sonnen, Mark in Hollywood, Top 5 announced, Mike & Chael named co-champions 06/27/14
Smackoff XX (2014) Hour 2 - Boatie in Pearland, Brad in Corona, Vic in No-Cal, Fake Silk, Steve Carbone 06/27/14
Smackoff XX (2014) Hour 1 - Mike in Wichita, Jason Stewart (Jason in Fullerton), Leff in Laguna Beach 06/27/14
Gonzo in SA Show - JP and his naked friends, Gonzo went fishing, World Cup sex talk, JP's going to Vegas, NBA draft recap, Jeremy Brown talks UFC in San Antonio and gambling music 06/28/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 11 - Top 5, Call from winners Mike and Chael 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 10 - Mark in Hollywood 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 9 - Mike in Indy/Chael Sonnen 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 8 - Steve Carbone 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 7 - Fake Silk 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 6 - Vic in NoCal 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 5 - Brad in Corona 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 4 - Boatie in Pearland 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 3 - Leff in Laguna Beach 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 2 - Jason in Fullerton (aka Jason Stewart or J-Stew) 06/27/14
2014 Smackoff Segment 1 - Mike in Wichita 06/27/14
billyberoo479 wins Twitter contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 06/26/14
Calls from Marshall in Newport Beach, Mike in Indy (Smackoff RSVP), Joe in Hollywood, and David in Buffalo 06/26/14
Rome shares his thoughts on Smackoff XX, recaps last five Smackoff champions (Brad in Corona, 2009 & 2011; Vic in No-Cal, 2010; Chael Sonnen, 2012; Mark in Hollywood, 2013) 06/26/14
Norman in Norman picks Vic in No-Cal to win Smackoff 06/26/14
Vic in No-Cal's annual pre-Smackoff weigh-in (RSVP) 06/26/14
Lance in Topeka not invited to Smackoff; Boatie in Pearland is invited 06/26/14

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