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Daryl Morey interview about Rockets playoff matchup with Blazers 04/17/14
Does Terry Francona sound like Rosemary in Houston? 04/16/14
Interview with Indians manager Terry Francona 04/16/14
4-20 falls on Easter Sunday 04/14/14
Interview with Wake Forest coach Danny Manning 04/14/14
Pat in New York - Compared Tiger Woods career to Jennifer Grey's, post nose job; Felix Bueller reference 04/14/14
Gonzo in SA Show - The fellas discuss the Spurs, the chances of another major league sport coming to the Alamo city, and Gonzo shares some very personal information 04/12/14
Email from Veal Kilmer 04/01/14
Dan in Denver - Email, Call, Reaction. Remember the name. 04/10/14
Brocktologist - Ken Grubby Jr walk up song at Golden Corral 03/25/14
Gonzo in SA Show - 1st show back on Stucknut 04/05/14
Tedrick_Dancin wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card; Rome drops a moratorium on Blossoms references 03/28/14
More examples of Jeopardy contestants struggling with sports clues 03/28/14
Tommy in Palm Beach Gardens - Who from Long Beach CA isn't in a gang? (laughs at his own take) 03/28/14
Tom in Brentwood e-mail cracking on Johnny Manziel's zits 03/27/14
Jeff in Louisville with take on UK-UL Sweet 16 matchup, wins Huge Call 03/26/14
Spurs in a haunted hotel 03/26/14
Brandon in Montana mistakenly refers to Eagles owner as Jeffrey Curry and gets clowned 03/26/14
Minnesota Twins with epic prank on starting pitcher (and Wichita State alum) Mike Pelphrey 03/26/14
Mercer upsets Duke 78-71 in NCAA Round of 64 with e-mail and Twitter reaction 03/21/14
Eddie in Boise gets broken off and run for asking Rome to bring back the Hackoff 03/19/14
Lance in Topeka (formerly Louisville) calls with Robin Hood parody about Mark in Hollywood 03/19/14
The Hackoff is NOT coming back (includes reset of Lance in Louisville) 03/19/14
Kyle Brandt wins a chili cook-off, with reaction from the Clones 03/17/14
Interview with Southern Methodist coach Larry Brown 03/17/14
Lance in Topeka (formerly Louisville), aka The Scorpion, with an e-mail about rooting for the Jayhawks in the NCAA Tournament 03/17/14
Stu in Manhattan returns with e-mail cracking on Wichita State, gets chewed out by Rome 03/17/14
Rome's reset of NCAA Bracket Guy 03/17/14
Rome has harsh words for UCSB student who ran on the court during UCSB-Hawaii game 03/07/14
Clippers beat Lakers by 48, with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago 03/07/14
Tiger Woods and his daughter 03/06/14
Dave in St. Louis announces that he has his own radio show, identifies the members of the Midwest Mafia 03/06/14
Dan in Louisville wins the Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 02/28/14
Week That Was - Rome lauds it as one of Alvin's best efforts ever 02/28/14
Boatie in Pearland - working in movies, wants Texans to take Johnny Manziel instead of Jadeveon Clowney 02/28/14
Utah Valley vs. New Mexico State brawl and court storming, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 02/28/14
Vic in No-Cal wins Huge Call for his take on the Olympics 02/27/14
Mike in Indy talks the Olympics and Jason Avant but gets run 02/27/14
45gotFAT wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 02/26/14
Eric in Green Bay advocates that Tom Thibodeau's laugh be added to the Halloween Mix 02/26/14
Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) in an altercation with a prison inmate; with e-mail reaction 02/26/14
A Twitter Contest that was not terrible 02/25/14
Tom Thibodeau's scary laugh 02/25/14
Clones' reaction to Madison Rising; Charlie in Kansas City wins Huge Call for suggesting that NASCAR fans should rush the stage and kill the band 02/25/14
Madison Rising destroys the National Anthem at the Daytona 500 02/25/14
Rich North of the D sends a Spoiler Guy e-mail and gets chewed out by Rome and clowned by the Clones 02/19/14
Olympic Sex App 02/12/14
Samuel Jackson lights up an L.A. entertainment reporter 02/11/14
Marcus Smart vs. Jeff Orr, with e-mail and Twitter reaction, including Quinn Pitcock e-mail 02/11/14
Axl Rose does not lip sync, 3 callers impersonate Axl 02/06/14

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