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Eric in South Portland ME with a funny call 09/30/14
Laron Landry busted for PED use; Dave in Washington State e-mails on the subject and Rome responds 09/30/14
Kansas City Chiefs dominate New England Patriots 41-14 on Monday Night Football; with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago and Sean in Ottawa 09/30/14
Gonzo in SA Show - Not getting too excited about the Cowboys, the NFL wants to talk to Charlie Strong, UTSA Vs FAU preview and a farewell to Derek Jeter 09/27/14
Alan in Raleigh wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 09/26/14
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on Derek Jeter's retirement 09/26/14
Boomer Esiason drops another Toby in Houston reference; Rome resets the legend of Toby 09/26/14
Boatie in Pearland calls out so-called legends, ends with his catchphrase 'suck it Brad' 09/25/14
Vic in NoCal calls during legends week, great Mark impression, run for Michael Sam joke 09/25/14
Brad in Corona cracks on several characters in the Jungle 09/24/14
Jeff in So-Cal with a Mark Mangino update, says he looks like a giant plump meatball on Iowa State sideline 09/24/14
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) cracks on Leff in Laguna Beach and wins Huge Call 09/23/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) gets run for talking about celebrating the murder of Nicole and Ron 09/23/14
Leff in Laguna Beach (the Laguna Beach Bully) goes too long and gets run 09/23/14
John in Louisville compares the New York Jets to Clones who flame out on the phone, resets Fabian in LA, Toben in Chapel Hill, Will in Portland, Vinnie Mac in Des Moines, Ray-Ray in Tampa and Matt in Cleveland 09/23/14
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Hollywood's long call 09/22/14
Mark in Hollywood with takes on Penn State, Leff in Laguna Beach, gets run for long call 09/19/14
Boomer Esiason mentions Toby in Houston 09/19/14
Jonathan Dwyer calls from Joy in St Louis and Mark in Eureka 09/18/14
Josh in Washington - Former Gaucho calls with take on Jonathan Dwyer, women shouldn't deny their men sex 09/18/14
Bobby in Alhambra - Wants Tony Stewart to go to prison with a big predator named Bubba. Hopes Smokes booty-hole gets smoked. Rome gives a shout-out to Bubba the Love Sponge 09/17/14
Bill in Philly brings straight fire, 5 rimshot jokes 09/17/14
Bad Twitter contest, Haley Joel Osment 09/16/14
Eric in San Diego - Crash the Paddock guy with a story from high school, gym teachers whip students with lanyards, sometimes it hit the donks 09/15/14
Gonzo in SA Show - The woes of Roger Goodell and the NFL, Oklahoma State play-by-play voice David Hunziker talks UTSA Vs OK St and the music of Depeche Mode 09/13/14
TommyFromNC gets BANNED FOR LIFE from Twitter Contest for Mickey Rourke Tweet 09/12/14
Leff in Laguna Beach (aka the Laguna Beach Bully) cracks on Alvin Delloro and earns a spot in the Week That Was 09/12/14
Rome wants to burn the Twitter Contest 09/11/14
Calls from Elvis in Miami and Boatie in Pearland 09/11/14
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) gets run for talking about murdering Ron Goldman 09/11/14
Dave in St. Louis (the non-hunter) announces that his daughter has recovered from her concussion, cracks on Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald 09/11/14
Mike in Wichita weighs in on the Ray Rice situation and domestic violence in the NFL 09/11/14
Rome opens by ripping Roger Goddell for his handling of the Ray Rice situation, followed by e-mails comparing Goddell to Matt in Cleveland, Justin in Huntington Beach, and Lance in Louisville 09/11/14
Ray Rice caller - Dave in Michigan suggests that the spousal abuse is a form of erotic pleasure 09/09/14
Ray Rice caller - Tommy in Pennsylvania concerned about loss of income for family 09/09/14
Ray Rice caller - Charlie in San Antonio claims that 1 fight with a women doesn't count, the law states it has to be more than 1 time 09/09/14
Tweets from Stucknut and Blaise in KC about Josh Gordon's new job 09/04/14
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA / Arizona recap, the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mike Taylor from Ticket 760 talks Cowboys and Jared Kalmus from Cooler Chronicles talks Roadrunners 09/06/14
Ohio State implements new behavioral policies requiring fans to remain seated during plays; OSU's SID Tweets oldies songs with Stand in title 09/04/14
Jesus Montero suspended for season by Mariners for throwing ice cream sandwich at a scout; Donald Sterling (Bigotron) gains weight and is glossed Pig-otron; with fat jokes from Clones 09/02/14
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA defeats Houston, Mike Craven from InsideUTSA.com talks about it, NFL chat, UTSA entrance music, and Craig Sager Jr talks SEC & Falcons football GI/SA/S
Deeply Offensive Twitter Contest - Paul Walker blast 08/29/14
Andrew in Madison reads his script, Rome asks him to start over and he does it word for word 08/29/14
Emailers pay tribute to Alice the Maid from the Brady Bunch 06/02/14
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - The birth of 1-800-MEN-TOTO 07/02/12
Ryan Howard didnt get the memo about Nickelback 06/19/14
Kaleb in Green Bay @iambthewalrus responds to National Good Call Day 08/28/14
Mike in Indy responds to Leff in Laguna Beach, Rome conducts a poll from callers about better call 08/27/14
Leff in Laguna Beach - Took a run at Smackoff callers, Glossed the Laguna Beach Bully 08/27/14
Vic in NoCal calls with takes on Mark Schlereth and Life Hacks 08/14/14

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