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Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) e-mails to crack on Colin Kaepernick and wants to fart in his face; Rome declares it to be in the Top 10 of worst e-mails ever 08/29/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 3, Trevor Hoffman interview, Clones Roundtable Part 2, Flavien Prat interview, The Week That Was 08/26/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 2, Mike Smith Interview, Joe Tutino interview, Jerry Hollendorfer interview 08/28/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 1, Richard Sherman interview, Smack-off Winners Roundtable 08/26/16
Clone Roundtable from Del Mar Thoroughbred Club - Leff in Laguna, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 08/26/16
Emails from Dan in Denver, Pattersaur, and FBI Mike. Alex in SLC rap reset. Rasheed Wallace So Gone challenge. John in Little Rock raps and gets run 08/25/16
Ask The Pros - Merlin in Portland wants to know when and why Rome dropped the show's 4th hour 08/24/16
Disturbing update on the Florida State face eater - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 08/24/16
Vic in No-Cal calls as Conor in Vegas, does Conor McGregor impersonation, gets run 08/24/16
James Harden's ugly black shoes 08/24/16
Todd Marinovich arrested in Irvine for trespassing in a resident's backyard, found naked and carrying a sack of meth and marijuana 08/23/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with an e-mail about Rome's upcoming show at Del Mar, wants to sing Neil Sedaka parodies and fart in Parody Larry's face 08/23/16
Cal in Vegas calls about Conor McGregor, phone dies 08/19/16
Mark in Hollywood somehow sneaks a call into a Rome rant about Darren Sharper, then gets run abruptly 08/19/16
Ray in the Bay Area has a cool story about Steph Curry at the airport, zone 3 08/18/16
Irie Craig calls to talk horses, again 08/18/16
FSU student is a murderer and face eater (Face Snacks University), John in Little Rock does a Flipper parody, ATP relationship advice, Huge Call 08/17/16
Kasey in Pensacola aka the Jim Beam Bandit welcomes Rome back from vacation 08/17/16
Jim Rome addresses the Jim Harbaugh tweet 08/17/16
Emails from Denlesks and StevePHX about Rio Olympics, call from Orion in Waterford about 49ers QB's 08/15/16
Uncle Clark in Boston calls to recap Jim Rome's vacation 08/15/16
Chad in Portland and Gavin Dawson guest host - Hour 3 11/25/09
Chad in Portland and Gavin Dawson guest host - Hour 2 11/25/09
Chad in Portland and Gavin Dawson guest host - Hour 1 11/25/09
Entourage's Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly guest host - Hour 3 08/15/07
Entourage's Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly guest host - Hour 2 08/15/07
Entourage's Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly guest host - Hour 1 08/15/07
Louis in LA calls Clark James with thoughts on Pete Rose and the Olympics 08/11/16
Mike in Toledo calls as Jerry in Sandusky Ohio, references Harambe 08/09/16
Rome with take on Yankees, Scott in New York City calls with Crapchester smack, Al in Knoxville gets BANNED FOR LIFE from show for saying he would "pull off some fresh, tantalizing fruit for the clitorious Clones to go orgasmic with." 10/31/01
Pauly in Indy calls Grant Napear with Olympic predictions, Grant gets flustered 08/05/16
Sklar Brothers interview Jerry Jones, possibly 07/03/16
ESPN reported that Brett Favre retired 08/03/10
Death, Taxes, and Matt Schaub Pick 6's 12/01/15
1995 Smackoff Segment 16 - Interview with the winner JT the Brick 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 15 - Jim Rome announces the Top 10 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 14 - Fan reaction from Carl in Costa Mesa, Gary in Santa Ana, Josh in San Marcos, Mike in San Diego, Lloyd in Bakersfield 04/14/95
1995 Smackoff Segment 12 - Dave in Irvine and Mark in Denver 04/14/95
Emails, Twitter Contest, and Alvin gets loose on the board 07/29/16
Raider Mike calls with a fresh take about Derek Carr scouting, gets chased out by sharks 07/29/16
Tennessee student Corey Zickefoose robbed by football players but doesn't want them to get punished 11/13/09
Joe in Bugaha Show 07/27/16
Joe in Bugaha Show 07/13/16
Joe in Bugaha Show 06/15/16
Return of CJ in Oxnard 07/28/16
84-year-old Barbara in Desert Hot Springs reminsces on Mike Piazza and listens to a lot of sports radio, gets positive run from Clones, but Chad in LA wins Huge Call 07/28/16
Reaction to John in Little Rock, including Tweet from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Orion in Waterford 07/28/16
Alvin's compilation of John in Little Rock's parodies to cheer Rome up following the Non-Hunter's death; John calls with a new parody 07/28/16
Rome and the Clones mourn the passing of Dave Geeting (aka Dave in St. Louis the Non-Hunter) 07/28/16
Chad in LA calls and gets racked, Phil in Sonoma calls and gets run 07/28/16
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