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Ask the pros question from @SarahTinProv, low hanging fruit Tweets from @LeeInVan, @DanLouisville, and @magic_uno 02/25/15
Rome calls for an end to court-storming in college basketball, accuses Kansas State of ruining it after fans get violent following win over Kansas 02/24/15
Dave in Madison with an e-mail suggesting a human wall for NASCAR racers 02/23/15
Joe in Superior with an e-mail warring Rome naming his next horse Sedak-Attack in honor of Lance in Topeka 02/23/15
Phil in Panama City gets run for ignorant call comparing Jameis Winston to Ray Rice 02/23/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/19/15
Rome threatens to ban J.B. in the 785 for Ernie and Bert e-mail 02/20/15
Colin Kaepernick gets hooked by Twitter troll, with e-mail response from Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) 02/19/15
Matt in LA returns with a normal call, resets old school Jungle moments 02/19/15
Tweets about Vanilla Ice getting arrested and KG going back to T-Wolves 02/19/15
Amar'e Stoudemire poems, Jesus in Chicago with a Diana Nyad reset 02/17/15
Rome reacts negatively to a Sonny Bono e-mail 02/18/15
Kentucky struggles against Tennessee but remains unbeaten; Bryce in Topeka wants UK to lose in the NCAA Tournament 02/18/15
Ken in San Antonio wars Logan asking for a shout-out from Toby in Houston; Rome warns Randall (WFI) in the OC not to tell Jake and Logan about Toby in Houston at the next horse-race 02/13/15
Nick in Newport Beach cracks on Rex Ryan with a Bad Santa blast and gets run 02/13/15
PJ in Denver with a Rome and Marty Valentine's Day e-mail 02/13/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/12/15
Rome reads an open letter to Joaquin in San Diego, awards himself Huge Call at the end of the show 02/12/15
Matt in LA gets run for Big Bopper voice imitation 02/12/15
Grum in Portland calls to crack on Peyton Manning, flames out and gets run 02/12/15
Rome's thoughts on Powerball Guy and Detroit Lions fans who want to buy wedding gifts from Matt Stafford's wedding registry 02/11/15
Parody Larry in Oakland (not San Francisco) gets run for rambling and not going straight to his song, gets chewed out by Rome and clowned by the Clones 02/10/15
Interview with Jerry Stackhouse, reminiscing over the late Dean Smith 02/09/15
Bills Mafia e-mail reaction to Rex Ryan signing Ritchie Incognito to Buffalo Bills, including Mark in Buffalo going with Rome and Marty in Bills Snuggies and Johnny Manziel acne smack 02/09/15
Tiger Woods complains about not being able to activate his gluts; Rome clowns him with malfunctioning robot noises 02/06/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/06/15
Joaquin MMA email 02/04/15
Ray Ray in Tampa informing the clones that he's been dealing with cancer and is in remission 02/03/15
Reaction to Boston Phinn's call from Jesus in Chicago and Lee in Vancouver 02/02/15
Boston Phinn returns after 16 years, gets run for rambling 02/02/15
Leff in Laguna Beach rants about Lance on the FCK Podcast 01/30/15
Rome concludes first-ever radio/TV simulcast with Twitter Contest 01/28/15
Interview with UFC president Dana White; says he will never allow weapons in MMA in response to Zach in San Jose, followed by Jim Rome and Kyle Brandt reading e-mail response from Joaquin in San Diego (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona simulcast on TV) 01/28/15
Ray in St. Paul wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona) 01/27/15
Chris in C-Port wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 01/23/15
Week That Was 01/23/15
Parody Friday - Parody Larry in San Francisco, Lance in Topeka, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; Lance wins Huge Call 01/23/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Packers vs Seahawks 01/16/15
Twitter contest 01/12/15
Rome appears in commercial for Beats By Dre; e-mailer suggests that he should bump Enya in his Beats By Dre to noise-cancel bad phone calls 01/12/15
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dominates Jukebox Friday, with submissions from Max_Coits, Jordan in Madison, johnquinn95, Lee in Vancouver, and paulytwall 01/09/15
Dave in Seminole FL calls with crying baby in the background and gets run for Pinkhead blast on Peyton Manning 01/09/15
Rome accuses J.B. in the 785 of being Lance in Topeka and calls Lance weird; Tommy from NC cracks on Lance via e-mail 01/09/15
Jesus in Chicago returns with an e-mail slamming Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 01/08/15
Eric in Falls Church returns, e-mails about Sammy Sosa and wars Rome buying the Rams for him. Rome welcomes WHBO-AM 1040 in Tampa to the Jungle 01/07/15
Jeremy in Sconny email - Glosses the Cowboys as the Fail-as Clownboys, Rome does a FailClowns reset 01/07/14
Lee in Vancouver with a Johnny Manziel Clearasil e-mail 01/06/15
Rome apologizes to band nation over Tweet 01/02/15
Lance in Topeka with a Christmas gift for Sarah T. in Providence; sings a Christmas parody about Mike in Indy and Chael Sonnen 12/25/14
2014 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/23/14
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