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Iowa Hawkeyes lost to FCS North Dakota State 09/19/16
ATP - ever hang up on an athlete you thought was fake? Twitter contest, @Ian_Soper wins 09/23/16
Bill in New England calls to discuss the Patriots Texans game 09/23/16
Clark in Boston calls with a take on Big Papi, gets run 09/22/16
Fabian in LA returns with a Tweet and call, drops new soundbites, didn't know he was on the air 09/19/16
Kasey in Pensacola, drunk again, calls to brag that he's going to be on Alvin's podcast 09/19/16
Eric near the Canadian Falls ATP, wife wants to name son Emerson, Rat family talk ensues 09/16/16
Orion in Waterford informs the clones that he is a stay at home dad 09/16/16
Bonyraider sends an ATP through Sarah T, asks Rome if paper crumple is real paper or soundbite 09/14/16
Chad in LA calls with a take on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills 09/15/16
Dan in Toronto email - Federline in AZ 09/15/16
Kevin Harlan does play by play for drunk fan running on the field 09/13/16
Tom Tolbert interview from the station event in San Francisco 09/12/16
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Rice LT Calvin Anderson solving a Rubix Cube behind his back 09/08/16
Kaitlyn Savage in Texas conspiracy theories 09/08/16
Ben Mezrich interview about Busting Vegas: A True Story of Monumental Excess, Sex, Love, Violence, and Beating the Odds 09/18/06
Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The 37th Parallel, clone reaction and conspiracy theories 09/07/16
Alvin's Week That Was; Alpha The Duck wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts Gift Card 09/02/16
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and racism 09/02/16
Frank in Buffalo calls about nap nation, Rome introduces his call with summary from call screener, Frank responds with 'thats it', and gets both run and racked 09/01/16
Randall in the OC tweets about his nap at Del Mar 09/01/16
Randall in the OC's Yeah! soundbite from Del Mar 09/01/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets run for Shania Twain parody about Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus 08/31/16
@Fesluv with an Alex in Louisville reset 08/31/16
Jeff in San Antonio (@acuralegend) wins Huge Call 08/01/06
Rome eulogizes the late Gene Wilder, pays tribute to his role as Willy Wonka, with Tweets from Chris in St. Pete and @paulcarney1978 08/30/16
Denlesks with an e-mail, appears to be about Joey Bosa but ends up being about Randall in the OC; also cracks on Vic in No-Cal, Irie Craig, Boatie in Pearland and Lance in Topeka 08/30/16
Del Mar Recap - Shey from the Bay tweet, John in San Antonio call, Randall's big day 08/29/16
Alan in Raleigh wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 08/29/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) e-mails to crack on Colin Kaepernick and wants to fart in his face; Rome declares it to be in the Top 10 of worst e-mails ever 08/29/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 3, Trevor Hoffman interview, Clones Roundtable Part 2, Flavien Prat interview, The Week That Was 08/26/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 2, Mike Smith Interview, Joe Tutino interview, Jerry Hollendorfer interview 08/28/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 1, Richard Sherman interview, Smack-off Winners Roundtable 08/26/16
Clone Roundtable from Del Mar Thoroughbred Club - Leff in Laguna, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 08/26/16
Emails from Dan in Denver, Pattersaur, and FBI Mike. Alex in SLC rap reset. Rasheed Wallace So Gone challenge. John in Little Rock raps and gets run 08/25/16
Ask The Pros - Merlin in Portland wants to know when and why Rome dropped the show's 4th hour 08/24/16
Disturbing update on the Florida State face eater - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 08/24/16
Vic in NoCal calls as Conor in Vegas, does Conor McGregor impersonation, gets run 08/24/16
James Harden's ugly black shoes 08/24/16
Todd Marinovich arrested in Irvine for trespassing in a resident's backyard, found naked and carrying a sack of meth and marijuana 08/23/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with an e-mail about Rome's upcoming show at Del Mar, wants to sing Neil Sedaka parodies and fart in Parody Larry's face 08/23/16
Cal in Vegas calls about Conor McGregor, phone dies 08/19/16
Mark in Hollywood somehow sneaks a call into a Rome rant about Darren Sharper, then gets run abruptly 08/19/16
Ray in the Bay Area has a cool story about Steph Curry at the airport, zone 3 08/18/16
Irie Craig calls to talk horses, again 08/18/16
FSU student is a murderer and face eater (Face Snacks University), John in Little Rock does a Flipper parody, ATP relationship advice, Huge Call 08/17/16
Kasey in Pensacola aka the Jim Beam Bandit welcomes Rome back from vacation 08/17/16
Jim Rome addresses the Jim Harbaugh tweet 08/17/16
Emails from Denlesks and StevePHX about Rio Olympics, call from Orion in Waterford about 49ers QB's 08/15/16
Uncle Clark in Boston calls to recap Jim Rome's vacation 08/15/16

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