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Mark in Hollywood calls to talk about Penn State, responds to Roland in Pittsburgh's email 12/02/16
Mike in Indy calls with thoughts on the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
Canadian cops punish drunk drivers with Nickelback tunes 12/01/16
Kyle in Green Bay calls to redeem himself 12/01/16
Matt in LA with a take on Rams, Dickerson, and the Raiders 12/01/16
Boomer Esiason starts off his interview by talking about the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
Tim in Jamestown (the Rooster) gets run for self-gloss; Phil in Santa Rosa gets run for reading his take 11/30/16
Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 11/30/16
Fabian in LA calls to tell the clones he's the #1 Smackoff champ, wins Huge Call 11/30/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) sings a 12 Days of Christmas parody and gets run, with Clones' reaction 11/30/16
Members of Ratt take control from the drummer, Ratt Partnership Agreement 11/30/16
Rome doesn't like small talk with the bank tellers 11/19/16
Why are the Clones called the Clones? Because Rome got eight consecutive e-mails comparing Jose Aldo to Dwight Howard 11/29/16
Rome threatens to block Phil in Missouri for Mark Mangino Tweet 11/29/16
John in Little Rock parodies Outkast Sorry Ms. Jackson for Lamar Jackson 11/28/16
Vinnie Mac with another Hackoff worthy call 11/22/16
Twitter Contest - Theme was Marty in NoCal and Jim Rome's anniversary 11/22/16
Mike in Wichita gets run for 3rd leg reference 11/22/16
Matt in Vancouver tries to get on the Smackoff radar but fails 11/22/16
More Marty in NoCal Twitter and email reaction 11/22/16
Marty in NoCal calls to remind Rome about the 10 year anniversary of his first call, plus Twitter reaction 11/22/16
Matt in LA calls about the Raiders 11/22/16
Pattersaur email about TO living under a concrete ceiling 11/16/16
Bill Walton gets in Twitter war with an airline for losing his bike 11/15/16
Chicago Cubs win game 7 of the World Series 11/03/16
Twitter contest - @DenverrDan, @RayInSaintPaul, @JC_in_Calgary, @AlanInRaleigh, @dataminer_1999, @ChadnLA 11/18/16
Benny in Wisco with another rat family and cheese reference call 11/18/16
Clones want Romes take on the man that took an acid bath at Yellowstone National Park 11/18/16
Choda in Houston doesn't think Derek Carr will be ready for Mexico City 11/17/16
Space Jam 20 year anniversary 11/15/16